Products & Services

At E.C Waters, we take pride in offering systems with the best technology to our customers for efficient cooling and heating, based on your specific needs. However, choosing what type and kind of air conditioner is only a part of the meticulous process.

With the right system, you can get 30% or more energy efficiency savings with newer HVAC systems.  You can make sure that no matter how small or how big your space is, there is an appropriate kind of air conditioner within our product range.

We will provide a free estimate and talk to you about the best option that fits your home. Just give us a call 407-294-6464.

The brands we offer have a track record of reputable service:

Every Trane product is designed down to every detail and rigorously tested for reliability and durability. While other manufacturers build their products from the same “pool” of parts available to anyone, we make it a point to be uniquely better, innovative and always looking to the future. To do that, we have to design, build, test, and rebuild some of our own parts.

We know they work because we push them well beyond the industry standards, making sure they match the reliability people expect when they own a Trane. From the durable Climatuff® compressor to the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil to the revolutionary Hyperion™ air handler—and a number of other patented innovations—when you own a Trane, you’re getting more than reliable comfort and you’re getting it year after year.

The right Bryant system for your family depends on several factors, including the physical specifications of your home. There are 3 main types of Bryant heating and cooling systems: HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems, split systems, and packaged systems. Your dependable Bryant dealer will assist you in choosing the system best suited to meet your comfort needs.