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Your air quality in Lake Mary, FL, goes through a few changes throughout the year. You should periodically reassess your HVAC system and the quality of its work. When you don’t have professionals examine your indoor air quality, you’re likely to find the following polluting the air you breathe.

1. A Malfunctioning System

Age is the leading factor to consider when assessing your HVAC for malfunctions. The chain of appliances and processes involved with your HVAC all relate. One leak, obstruction or clog is enough to reduce your indoor air quality as a result.

2. Poor Ventilation Causes Indoor Air Quality Issues

Receiving outside air, moving it through a building and then exhausting it are all processes of ventilation. Opening a window, due to the negative pressure created, ventilates air outward. Controlling the natural process of ventilation enables us to improve indoor air quality.

Poor ventilation, on the other hand, results in indoor pollutants congregating without dispersion. At its core, ventilation is about keeping air fresh, moving and under control. Here are some things you absolutely need to maintain for good ventilation:

  • Unobstructed and clean vents: These are the grates that enable air to enter and exit your spaces.
  • Operable fans and handlers: These appliances keep air moving in a refreshing cycle.
  • Sealed and enclosed ducts: Ensuring that purified air doesn’t escape through holes or cracks in ductwork.
  • Clean filters and working purifiers: Removing particles directly from the air is the best way to clean air.

3. High Levels of Humidity

Humidity reduces your indoor air quality because it makes the air dense but with unwanted particles. Like a type of filter, the water particles in the air capture other particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. These particles remain within your indoor space when humidity is too high.

High humidity is also a sign of a malfunction within your HVAC system. When a typical AC is running, for example, it naturally removes humidity from the air. Consider speaking with an HVAC contractor when humidity remains high in your space.

4. Improper HVAC System Size

Technicians must calibrate your HVAC system to create the right air pressure. Like a running stream, air that keeps moving is cleaner than air that sits. An HVAC unit that’s too small for a space won’t be able to pressurize your indoor air adequately.

In some cases, the system you acquired with your building weren’t ideal from the start. Finding the right system for your building starts with measuring your square feet space, but also includes a variety of other variables. Our technicians can explain your needs and how we will install the correct system.

5. Indoor Air Quality Product Installations

We offer a variety of air quality products. Our technicians will install the right system for your space. Among these products are the REME HALO® air cleaner and UV light air purifiers.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Keeping the various areas of your HVAC working results in clean and breathable air. When you work with our team, you’ll find professionals who are welcoming and are interested in hearing your concerns and sharing solutions.

Finding a suitable plan to keep your indoor air fresh is now as easy as contacting us. Get in touch soon, and the E.C. Waters team will offer you a range of services to improve your IAQ. Our reps are ready to listen to your issue and find a solution fast.

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