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Precision Care HVAC Maintenance PlanĀ for Orlando, FL & Surrounding Areas

Let’s face it, we all forget things. You will not have to worry about this when you are a customer of E. C. Waters and enroll in our Precision Care Plan. We will come to your home two to four times a year (depending on your plan) to check your air conditioning system. We recommend that you get HVAC maintenance service in the early spring before it gets too hot and then again in the fall before it gets too cold.

Benefits of our Precision Care Plan

Along with HVAC maintenance services improved efficiency, extended equipment life and improved capacity, you’ll also receive:

  • Ten percent (10%) discount on parts required for repairs that are not under warranty
  • Priority customer scheduling for repairs and installations
  • No overtime charges for nights and weekend calls

For less than a $1.00 a day you have the Peace of mind of knowing your HVAC system is covered by our HVAC maintenance program. And BEST OF ALL our monthly automatic payment program makes it easy to manage and you never have to worry about forgetting a payment!

As a part of our Precision Care Plan, we do a 20-point inspection and preventative maintenance on your system(s) which includes the following:

  • Monitor refrigerant pressures to ensure efficiencies
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Oil fan motors where applicable
  • Check blower components and belts
  • Monitor voltage/amperage
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts where applicable
  • Wash filter or replace with owner’s supplied filter
  • Measure temperature difference
  • Calibrate thermostat if required
  • Check and clean condenser coil
  • Check capacitors
  • Check contactor points
  • Brush out electrical cabinet
  • Check all caps and valves for seals and proper snug fit
  • Check/evaluate evaporator coil for buildup
  • Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage
  • Check float switch operation
  • Clean equipment exterior
  • Check final performance and report necessary improvements
For more information or to enroll in our Precision Care Plan, call us today at (407) 603-9144.

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