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Heat pumps are an incredible investment for homes around Maitland, FL. The Department of Energy suggests that air-sourced heat pumps cost about 50% less to operate than electric resistance heating. Maximize the service life of your heat pump by following these simple tips.

Keep Your Air Filter Clean

The first thing you can do is stay on top of your air filter and keep it clean. When your filter is dirty, it restricts the amount of air flowing through your system, which strains the system. Whenever your unit experiences excessive strain over a long duration of time, it causes preventable heat pump repairs.

Checking your filter monthly will help you get it changed before it causes damage to your system. Plus, you can gently vacuum the filter to improve its efficiency between changes.

Use Fans Throughout Your Home

Using fans over the warm months helps the air feel about 2 degrees cooler. This helps you feel comfortable without setting your temperature as low.

Over the winter months, using ceiling fans brings the warm air down from the ceiling to where you’ll feel it. You’ll want to ensure the fan is spinning counterclockwise, and you’ll only need to run it on low. Doing this helps your air feel warmer without setting the thermostat at a higher temperature.

Keep the Area Around Your Unit Clear

Your system needs to not only circulate air inside but also be able to draw air through the outdoor unit. If anything restricts airflow through the outdoor unit, it won’t complete the heat transfer process.

Keep an eye on bushes, trees, grass and especially ivy-type weeds. Clear them away whenever you see them encroaching on your unit to keep it running efficiently.

Get Routine Maintenance

Finally, make sure you get routine maintenance for your system. During maintenance, your technician will clean both the coil at your air handler and at your outside unit. They’ll test the system to ensure it has the right amount of refrigerant, which can greatly affect efficiency.

They’ll also test your system’s components to ensure everything is working optimally. If something is wearing out, you can fix it before it strains the system, reducing the service life.

Get the most from your heat pump while you’re running it, and extend its service life. Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance with a NATE-certified technicians from E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat today.

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