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Your commercial HVAC system is an essential component that’s crucial to running your Orlando, Florida, business. Your system keeps your employees comfortable and productive throughout the day, improves the air quality (especially around chemical components), and even helps keep your equipment functioning properly. The good news is that regular maintenance can help keep your commercial HVAC system operating at its best.

While investing in commercial HVAC maintenance is important for following industry regulations and improving employees’ comfort, there are many other benefits you may not realize:

Reduce Operating Costs

Odds are that your commercial HVAC system will be running constantly during every season of the year — at least during normal business hours — just to maintain a comfortable temperature. This makes it even more vital that your system runs efficiently. A more efficient system means it will have to work less to maintain the temperatures in your building, leading to lower utility bills and energy savings. Regular maintenance can keep your system clean and ensure the system’s parts are working properly, contributing to improved efficiency overall.

Extend the Life of Your System

A commercial HVAC system is a costly replacement when the time comes, so keeping your system running for as long as possible can help keep your bottom line healthy and reduce the costly expense of a new install. Regular maintenance can help improve the functioning of parts and reduce the damage and wear that come from the system being constantly used.

The better the system is maintained, the longer it will last. Another benefit of regular maintenance is that your HVAC technician can let you know how much more life you can expect to get out of your system. This early warning will allow you to start budgeting for future expenses.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Consistent temperatures mean happier and more comfortable employees. The happier your employees are, the more productive they will be. If employees are too hot, they can become lethargic or distracted. If they’re too cold, they may work slower to conserve energy. Additionally, if your business runs equipment, having a consistent temperature and balanced humidity can help that equipment run better by reducing the number of breakdowns, jams, and other complications.

During your commercial HVAC maintenance, your technician will calibrate the controls to make sure your temperature stays consistent. The professional will also check that there are few to no cold or hot spots in the building.

Reduce the Number of Repairs and Breakdowns

With regular commercial HVAC maintenance, you will be able to catch minor repairs before they become costly problems. Your HVAC technician will check for damaged or worn parts and replace them before they can cause trouble with major parts of the system. Additionally, by keeping up on needed repairs, you are less likely to experience breakdowns that can result in inconvenient downtime and additional expenses for after hours or emergency repairs.

Improve the Air Quality

Another common concern with employees is the air they breathe when at work. Many businesses will have chemicals, high amounts of dust or dirt, or other common pollutants that can wreak havoc on the air quality in the building. When poor air quality is present, your employees are more likely to experience health concerns, such as respiratory illness, irritation to the nose and eyes, increased headaches, and increased allergy or asthma symptoms. Over time, exposure to poor air quality can result in major health concerns, such as chronic lung problems and chronic fatigue.

Having regular maintenance will help reduce major air quality contaminants, such as a buildup of dirt, dust, and pollen. This creates a healthier work environment for everyone in the building.

Find out the benefits your business can gain from regular commercial HVAC maintenance by contacting E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat today at (407) 603-9144 today to schedule your commercial HVAC system maintenance and begin enjoying better employee productivity, a longer life for your system, and reduced repairs and breakdowns.

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