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Having a clean, fresh-smelling home is always appealing, but you have to be careful about what types of products you’re using in your Lake Mary, Florida, home to achieve that level of cleanliness. Harsh chemicals can decrease the indoor air quality, leading to health symptoms and problems that aren’t fun to manage. The benefits of using all-natural cleaning products make it obvious why it’s better to avoid harsh products.

Fewer Health Risks

Before you buy or use any type of cleaning product, take a look at the list of ingredients. If it’s full of items you can’t pronounce or have never heard of, you might want to reconsider using it around your family and pets. Handling certain types of cleaning products can also put you in danger of experiencing skin irritation or chemical burns to your eyes or skin.

Healthier Home

When you introduce harsh chemicals into the home, these products can give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that decrease the quality of the air you breathe. Poor indoor air quality can cause symptoms like congestion, headaches, sore throats, and other uncomfortable health problems. The air quality can also impact those with existing breathing conditions, such as asthma and COPD. Many products also give off a harsh chemical odor, which can trigger headaches. All-natural products typically smell like lavender, citrus, lemongrass, or another fresh scent.

Improved Health of the Family

When your air is clean and healthy, you and your family are less likely to suffer health problems and allergies when you’re indoors. You can also eliminate the harsh chemicals from the shelf, where they can give off odors as well as cause headaches and other problems if they’re not sealed properly. If you’ve previously used harsh chemicals to clean your home in the past, you can fight the effects by having a professional clean the air ducts. This service helps eliminate VOCs and other contaminants from the ducts, ensuring that the air you breathe is healthy.

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