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You probably have an AC unit that has kept you comfortable for a long time in Orlando, FL. It’s likely that you will eventually have to part ways with your AC unit if it can’t serve you anymore. Here are the following three red flags that will let you know it’s time to replace your AC.

1. An Aging AC System

Most standard air conditioning systems have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your system has lasted beyond this age group, its efficiency has probably dropped. Repairing the damages that come with age will not help since they will keep reappearing.

Furthermore, the repairs may be more expensive than purchasing a new AC. With a new AC unit, you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency and have fewer repair needs.

2. Rising Energy Bills

When your energy consumption increases, it’s normal for your utility bills to rise. However, if your energy bills increase, you should change your air conditioner since it’s accounting for more than half of your bills. Modern AC units have been designed with new features that save energy, increase efficiency and lower your energy bills.

3. Your Air Isn’t Cool Enough

Wear and tear and rapid temperature changes often reduce the efficiency of air conditioners. During the summer, your air conditioner may not provide your house with suitable temperatures, and if it does, the process takes a long time.

If this is the case with your AC unit, it may be worn out from wear and tear. To avoid this during the summer, be ready to purchase a new air conditioner.

E.C. Waters has been meeting your cooling needs for decades now. At our company, we aim to ensure 100% comfort for customers. Feel free to book an appointment with us if you need to replace your AC unit.

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