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For homeowners in Maitland, FL, furnace maintenance isn’t a waste of resources. With fall around the corner, it’s necessary to ensure that your furnace is working as expected. Here are a few reasons you should make furnace checkups part of your fall routine.

Your Safety Matters

The combustion process of the furnace produces heat by burning fuel. A fault in the system may cause gas leaks or carbon monoxide releases into your home. These gases cause health complications such as nausea, headaches and suffocation, leading to death in severe instances.

Inspecting the furnace helps to adjust the burners accordingly, seal any cracks or holes, replace the air filters and clean the whole ignition system. The procedure tests all safety controls to avoid any potential risk.

Minimize Repairs

Low temperatures of the fall are sufficient to make one shiver at night. Luckily, a seasonal precision care plan allows you to discover minor problems to avoid such precarious scenarios.

During the session, the technician will capture common issues such as bearing malfunction, dirty ducts, heat exchanger failures and faulty blower belts. Inspection of the limit switch will ensure your furnace operates at safe levels preventing fire explosions or other damages.

Reduce Energy Costs

Furnace maintenance will help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system tremendously. The procedure helps to lubricate moving parts, inspect the gas pressure, adjust the blower and maintain correct airflow measures.

The checkup will ensure the condenser and evaporator coils are working at full capacity. Additionally, tightening electrical components guarantees efficiency throughout the season. These actions ascertain smooth operation of the furnace, which drastically lowers the energy consumption and utility costs.

Preventive checkups will increase your home comfort and save you money. Contact E. C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat professionals for furnace maintenance, improve the indoor air quality and all your HVAC needs.

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