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A furnace breakdown is one of the most inconvenient and costly issues homeowners in Apopka, Florida, will face. Often, expensive repairs can be avoided when addressed early. There are many signs you’ll experience that indicate your heating system needs service now.

Signs You’ll See

It’s normal for your utility bill to increase during the heating season. If you see an unexpectedly huge increase for which you don’t have an explanation, it could mean your heater is failing.

Water around your heating system indicates a leak or excessive condensation. If you see water or other liquids around heating components, call a professional.

Heaters that burn natural gas, propane, or heating oil should have a steady, blue flame when burning. Check your flame. If it’s yellow or flickering, there’s a problem with your combustion process, and you need help right away. Combustion issues can cause carbon monoxide leaks that are dangerous and can be deadly.

Signs You’ll Smell

Do you smell foul odors or overly musty smells when your heat kicks on? Mold and mildew can grow inside ductwork in humid climates. Particularly stinky smells may be because of a pest infestation. Any overpowering odor from your HVAC system should be checked out.

If you ever smell gas, call the utility company and a service technician right away. Gas leaks that go un-repaired can cause explosions and fires.

Signs You’ll Hear

When your system starts, it should run for a while and turn off for a while. Short cycles indicate a problem with your thermostat or with the heater itself. If it seems like your furnace cycles continuously or over a short period, call for help.

Any abnormal noises from your furnace could mean potential breakdown. Banging, squealing, clanging, or clunking could be a sign of loose or breaking parts. Call a service technician if you hear anything out of the ordinary.

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