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No homeowner looks forward to their heat pump potentially breaking down. Being aware of the signs that there’s an issue could allow you to quickly call in the professionals and stop a problem from worsening. The following are indications your heat pump needs repair in Orlando, FL.

1. High Energy Bills

The harder a heat pump works, the more energy it uses, which could cause your utility bills to be higher than normal. If there’s nothing different in your home that could cause the bills to increase, it may be an indication that you have a malfunctioning heat pump. An HVAC professional can check what the issue might be and how best to handle it.

2. Odd Sounds and Smells

Your heat pump will make some sounds when it turns on and off, but if you’re noticing noises that don’t sound normal, it’s time to call your technician immediately for repair services. Heat pump noises that could mean trouble include banging, whistling, gurgling, buzzing and continuous clicking.

Odd smells are also important to pay attention to. Some include rotten eggs, burning and a musty smell. They could indicate serious issues that need addressing.

3. Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

When you notice some rooms are hot while others are cold, it likely means your heat pump is experiencing difficulties maintaining uniform temperatures throughout the entire house. Some potential problems causing this issue include a dirty air filter, leaking ductwork and refrigerant leaks.

An HVAC technician will likely check the air filter first and replace it if necessary. If that doesn’t solve the problem, they’ll move on to other possibilities until they come up with a solution.

The longer you put off calling a qualified HVAC technician, the worse the problems may get. Contact E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat for professional heat pump services whenever there’s a potential issue with the unit. We’ve been in business for decades and know what it takes to provide excellent service.

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