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To help maintain optimal heat pump performance and ensure that you stay comfortable in Orlando, FL, it’s important to know what’s going on with your heat pump. Some behaviors may indicate that the system needs repairs, while others point to replacing it altogether. Here are three major signs that you should probably get a new heat pump for your home.

1. Age

Before we explore any specific problems or odd behaviors that your system may exhibit, we need to stress that all heat pumps have limited shelf lives. On average, air-source heat pumps can last for about 15 years. Of course, professional repairs and regular maintenance can help to extend this lifespan, but these HVAC systems can only work efficiently for so long.

Therefore, always be aware of how old your system is. Once it passes a certain age, problems may emerge out of nowhere, even if nothing was wrong previously.

2. It Needs Repairs More Often

When your heat pump breaks down, the typical reaction will probably be to schedule professional repairs. If your repair estimate approaches 50% of the cost of a new system, it’s most likely a better investment to replace the system rather than repair it.

After HVAC technicians have completed their repair work, your heat pump should continue functioning well for some time. Repeated and frequent breakdowns signal it is on its last legs.

3. Increasing Energy Bills

A heat pump’s primary advantage is superior energy efficiency relative to other types of HVAC systems. Having a heat pump should consistently save you money on energy when operating properly. Abruptly inflated energy bills, on the other hand, indicate that the system’s parts may have probably degraded beyond repair and are not functioning as intended.

To determine when to replace your heat pump, keep your eye open for these red flags. For help with the next step, call E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat to schedule professional HVAC installation services near Orlando, FL.

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