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While the spring months may bring mild, comfortable temperatures in many areas of the country, the temperature is already warm and even hot at times in Metrowest Ocoee, FL. Between the heat and humidity, your home’s AC system may work overtime to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. When the HVAC system runs too hard or long and overheats, there are a few essential steps to take.

1. Replace the HVAC System’s Air Filter

When the HVAC system runs, it pulls air through the air filter, conditions the air and disperses it into your rooms. However, blocked air filters that are dirty with pollen, dander, dust and other particulates make it more difficult for the air to pass through the filter. Prevent your system from working harder than necessary by replacing the air filter regularly, as recommended by your system’s manufacturer.

2. Check the External Unit

Dirt, twigs, leaves and other debris on, in or around the external unit are another cause of AC system overheating. Check the unit carefully and remove any debris. Dirt on the external unit’s blades also affects its operation, so the blades require routine cleaning.

3. Complete Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

There are other reasons why an air conditioner unit may overheat, including issues with the coolant, coolant line and ducts. HVAC maintenance service completed regularly ensures that your system continues to operate with peak efficiency. Necessary repair services identified during the maintenance are available to improve your AC system’s functionality.

As your home air conditioner continues to work hard, overheating leads to discomfort in the home and even serious damage to the AC system. If you are dealing with AC system that is overheating, this is the time to contact E.C. Waters for air conditioning service in Metrowest Ocoee, FL.

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