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Would you like to replace the window units in your Orlando, Florida home with something more efficient and effective? When space is short, a package AC unit is a smart solution for Florida homeowners. Instead of splitting the components between indoors and outdoors, a package puts everything together in one simple spot.

Where Are Package Units Most Effective?

Package units are most effective in the southern regions where the weather stays warm for most of the year. Many of the most popular package AC units are heat pumps, which means when winter hits you can reverse the heat exchange process and use the same system to heat your interior. Heat pumps are not efficient when the weather drops below freezing, but that won’t be a problem for you in Florida.

What Are the Benefits of a Package Unit?

A major advantage to package units? You only have to deal with one unit, not an outdoor and an indoor unit. When you’re low on either interior or exterior space, a package unit helps. You can stick it in the back yard, in a crawl space, or on the roof if you need to.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Package units are bulky. While they help with certain space concerns, you might not be able to fit the package unit in the attic or crawl space like you were planning. If you want to install one on the roof, we’ll probably have to install a platform to keep it level. If your roof isn’t pitched enough, the unit might be visible from the front of your house. Plus, package units that are outside are exposed to the elements, whereas a split system has half of its components continuously indoors and protected, which means less maintenance.

Is a package unit for you? Call E.C. Waters to discuss your package unit options, and have a technician to your home to look at your available space. Reach us at (407) 603-9144.

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