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When preparing for your Avalon Park, Florida, home remodel, don’t forget to make plans for your HVAC system. It’s easy to overlook the impact your home renovation may have on your heating and cooling system, but overlooking your unit can cause major problems down the line. Keep reading to learn about three things to keep in mind during your home remodel.

Protect the System

During the renovation process, your contractor will cut and sand a variety of materials, like wood, drywall, and tile, that produce a lot of dust. If you’re not careful, this dust can infiltrate your HVAC system and cause issues. To maintain the integrity of your HVAC system during your remodel, cover and close your vents. If possible, don’t use the system until the renovation is complete, and make sure most cutting and sanding is done outside or in the garage.

Consider Capacity

Evaluate the size of your HVAC system. If you’re adding square footage, your current unit may lack the capacity to sufficiently heat and cool your home after your remodel. An undersized HVAC unit will run for too long, driving up power bills and causing undue wear and tear on the system that can result in expensive repair bills and a shortened life span.

Think About Ductwork

Even the most efficient HVAC systems will underperform without proper ductwork. Ductwork needs to be free of obstruction, clean, and laid out correctly. If your renovation changes the layout of your home, you may need to reconfigure your ductwork’s layout. If you’re adding on, you have two choices: extend your ductwork or add an additional HVAC unit. Many homeowners initially opt for ductwork extension, but overextending ductwork reduces your HVAC’s efficiency and may ultimately be the more expensive option.

Preparing your HVAC unit for your remodel is easy when you have a plan, and the professionals at E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat can help. Don’t wait. Give us a call at (407) 603-9144 for help during your remodel.

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