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You probably don’t take much notice of your home’s air conditioning system. However, when it emits an unpleasant odor, that’s likely all you become concerned with. There are many types of odors that your Lake Mary, FL, air conditioner can emit. Identifying the cause can help you get rid of the smell quickly.

1. Dirty Laundry

One of the most unpleasant odors that may come from your air conditioning system is dirty laundry. When this happens, it’s likely a result of dirty condenser coils. Turn the system off and clean the condenser coils before starting it back up again.

2. Garbage

Another unpleasant odor that your air conditioning system may emit is garbage. This is most likely to happen when you turn your air conditioner up for the first time after a long winter. Unfortunately, this smell indicates that there may be a dead animal inside of your air conditioning system.

3. Exhaust Fumes

If you notice that your home is smelling like your car’s exhaust, it’s necessary to shut your system off. The most likely culprit is that one of your system’s fluids is leaking onto a warm part of the system. For this AC problem, it’s best to rely on a professional to identify the leak and fix it.

4. Gun Powder

One of the most alarming smells that your air conditioning unit may release is gun powder. The cause of this smell is something burning in your system. Shut it off immediately and contact a professional before turning your air conditioner back on.

If you’re experiencing an unpleasant odor with your air conditioning system, it’s time to consult E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat for prompt assistance. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be able to identify the problem, fully explain it to you and fix it quickly.

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