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Tricks like closing the curtains after sunset and arranging the furniture so that it does not block the vents may really aid in efficient heating of your Altamonte Springs, Florida, home. However, several heating tips are just wishful thinking and have nothing to do with heating your home faster. Be aware of myths like cranking the thermostat, keeping the heating system on, using ceiling fans in winter, and installing programmable thermostats.

Myth #1: Cranking the Thermostat Heats Your Home Faster

Many homeowners feel that setting the thermostat to a higher temperature warms up the home faster. However, a higher temperature setting doesn’t make your system pump out more heat; it merely raises the temperature beyond a comfortable limit and, if you forget to lower it down, this results in energy wasted.

Myth #2: Keeping Your HVAC System Running Uses Less Energy

Do you keep your HVAC system running at a higher temperature even when you are not at home? If you thought this method is more energy-efficient than turning your system on and off, think again. Heating your home when there is no one to enjoy the comfort is a sheer waste of energy.

Myth #3: You Should Not Run Ceiling Fans in Winter

When it’s already chilling, why do you need the ceiling fan? You can use ceiling fans to your advantage in the winter to bring down the warm air that collects up near the ceiling. All you need to do is reverse the direction so they rotate clockwise.

Myth #4: Programmable Thermostats Automatically Save You Money

Programmable thermostats are so hyped that people often think its installation alone will save them money. One should understand that they are just a device to automate temperature adjustment. As the name implies, you need to program them, and the amount of savings depends upon what temperatures you set up.

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