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As the temperatures rise in Windermere, FL, your AC will most likely be running around the clock. While this use will naturally raise your energy bill, you can curb the amount to some degree. Here are four ways that you can cut your cooling costs this summer, all without the need for an AC professional.

1. Replace the Air Filter

Every homeowner should replace the air filter every 60 to 90 days. You’ll want to start doing this, too, as it will keep the air flowing smoothly through your home. A clogged filter, on the other hand, will put stress on the AC’s motor and even lower your indoor air quality.

2. Keep the Compressor Area Clear

While you would need a professional to clean the inside of your compressor, you can easily clear away anything surrounding it. For example, overgrown shrubbery can threaten to hinder the release of hot air, so trim this back. Also, go out once in a while to remove any leaves or dead insects caught in the grille.

3. Have a Reasonable Set Point

The higher the set point on your thermostat, the more you save because the less your AC will have to run. Obviously, you want to stay comfortable, but we’ve heard that a set point of 72 degrees is good enough for most people. For those times when you’re working or away from home, raise the temperature to 74 or even 76 degrees.

4. Don’t Generate So Much Heat

Your AC will run more frequently if you generate heat inside your home. This can happen when you use the oven and the dryer, for instance. When possible, then, minimize their use.

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