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People without central AC who want to stay cool during the spring and summer in Lake Mary, FL and who value compactness have two options in front of them: ductless mini-splits and window-based AC units. Here are a few reasons why ductless systems are the better choice.


Firstly, ductless mini-splits have many more uses and capabilities than window ACs. For one thing, window ACs may only cool a room, while ductless mini-splits have both cooling and heating capabilities. This makes the ductless mini-split useful year-round.

Perhaps even more importantly, window ACs are only effective in a single room or zone, while you can use a ductless system to heat or cool your entire home. Additionally, you may use your ductless system to treat your home as a series of separate zones and to heat or cool each zone differently.


Ductless mini-splits are very easy to install and typically only need a three inch hole in an exterior wall to connect the outdoor compressor to the indoor wall or ceiling unit. You can locate the mini-splits exterior unit in an out-of-the-way location also. Every window-based AC unit must go into a window, which will block sunlight and can be very difficult to adequately seal resulting in higher electricity bills.


Finally, ductless mini-splits are much more energy efficient than window ACs. Mini-splits variable-speed compressors make this possible. With summertime temperatures in Lake Mary, FL soaring so high, it’s important to save on your HVAC system’s energy efficiency whenever its possible.

If you want to stay comfortable in Lake Mary, FL this spring, you’re much better off with a mini-split than with a window AC. Call E.C. Waters and ask for air conditioning services today.

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