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Hot, humid days and nights are the norm in Orlando, Florida. Your air conditioning unit is working hard to keep your home cool and your family comfortable. With a few simple steps, you can beat the heat with these three energy-efficient solutions and make sure your AC is working when you need it the most!

Change the Filters

As warm outdoor air is pulled into the HVAC system, dirt and dust can get pulled in as well. The air filters capture the majority of that dirt so that it does not enter into the HVAC system. When the filters become too dirty and clogged, the system has to work harder to push cool air into the home.

Changing the filters at least once a month is advisable to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. You can change them yourself if you feel confident to do so or call your local HVAC technician to help out.


Preventive maintenance cannot be emphasized enough in keeping your HVAC system in good running condition. Regular maintenance can help to keep the system clean, and it can also help to catch problems before they appear. It is far better to have your HVAC system maintained before something goes wrong.

Investing in a maintenance plan can save you money in the long run. A technician will come to your home two to four times per year and inspect the system, service parts, perform calibrations and calculations as needed, and mostly, give you peace of mind, knowing that your air conditioner is working in tip-top shape.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

As evening comes around it is tempting to open up the house to let in fresh air. However, if it is very humid, you will only be heating up the house with hot, moist air. It is far better to keep the air conditioner running at a steady cool temperature and let it remove moisture from the air. Let the air conditioner do its work!

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