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The furnace in your Longwood, Florida, home is responsible for keeping your family comfortable, especially when the cold weather creeps in. This makes staying on top of problems with your furnace a top priority in the winter months. One way your furnace may indicate there is an issue is by the noises that it makes. If you hear any of the following furnace sounds, it’s time to call for professional help.


Booming noises coming from your furnace can be a dangerous sign that gas is building up. When there is a buildup of gas in your system, it can make a small explosive noise when it ignites. Any issue with gas should be considered a potentially dangerous situation. If you hear this type of noise, turn your system off and call an HVAC technician immediately.


Squealing is often an indication that there is a problem with the belt in your furnace, but it could also mean that the fan motor is beginning to falter. Most of the time belts will need to be lubricated or replaced. If the fan motor is the problem, it is still a relatively easy fix as long as it is caught early. You can lower the risk of both of these problems with regular maintenance.


Rattling noises when your furnace is running usually means that a part has come loose and is clanking against other components. While bearings are usually the culprit, there are many other parts that can come loose and result in the rattling you are hearing in the system.


While it is normal to hear clicking when you first start your system up it should go away rather quickly. Continued clicking noises are often a sign that your flame sensor has gone bad or there is a problem between the gas and the ignition of your system.

If you are experiencing any of the furnace noises above, contact E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat at 407-603-9144. One of our experienced technicians will help you get your furnace issue resolved.

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