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Just like other HVAC systems, heat pumps have a lifespan in Maitland, FL. After enjoying the energy efficiency and significant savings, you will eventually need to replace it. Regular maintenance by professionals can help detect critical signs to avoid breakdown.

Maintain Your Heat Pump to Extend Its Lifespan

Heat pumps last between 10 to 15 years. The difference in years largely depends on usage. How often the system runs and the frequency of maintenance determine a heat pump’s lifespan.

Maintenance is critical to get the most out of your heating and cooling system. Our technicians schedule inspection dates to capture minor issues early. Addressing the technical issues in the early stages can keep your heat pump running efficiently for years.

Inspection intervals depend on the type of heat pump and usage. You should seek heat pump repair services as soon as you notice anything amiss.

Some homeowners choose to do maintenance twice a year: at the beginning of the heating season and at the beginning of the cooling season. However, if you notice something amiss, you can always schedule an additional appointment.

Replacing Your System If You Have Unexplained Rising Energy Bills

A heat pump is also a culprit for rising energy bills if it needs repairs or is old. Schedule an appointment with technicians to accurately determine what the issue is.

The efficiency of heat pumps decreases over time. Old heat pumps take longer to achieve a set temperature. Running longer means higher consumption of energy.

Once you call us, technicians will assess the system and recommend repair or replacement services. If your heat pump is old — and therefore inefficient — we can guide you on which is the best heat pump to purchase for your home.

Replacing Your System If You Have Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Besides heating and cooling, heat pumps regulate indoor air quality. Rising humidity in your home may point to a defective heat pump.

Don’t wait for your heat pump to break down. Contact E.C. Waters today for all your heating and cooling needs!

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