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Various heat pumps have different temperature regulation capacities. Buying a heat pump that doesn’t match your heating load will not regulate your Maitland, FL home’s temperatures efficiently. Here, we discuss some signs of an incorrectly sized heat pump.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when an HVAC system turns on and off in quick succession without completing a heating cycle. Although there are many causes for short cycling, an oversized system is one of the most common. The system short cycles because its capacity exceeds your heating needs.

Running Constantly

If your heat pump never shuts down, its capacity may be lower than your heating load. The system tries to meet your temperature needs but never succeeds.

However, there are many reasons why your unit can run continuously. Our HVAC contractors can determine the exact reason your HVAC system never stops running after they inspect it.

Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

A ducted heat pump system that matches your indoor temperature needs distributes temperatures evenly in your home. On the other hand, an oversized unit shuts down too soon before the conditioned air can circulate throughout your house.

This causes some rooms to remain cold while others are warm. Also, if you have an undersized unit, your indoor temperatures will be inconsistent, as it lacks sufficient capacity to supply warm air to all rooms.

Frequent Breakdowns

When your heat pump turns on and off more times than necessary, its parts experience increased strain, causing the system to fail more often than usual. Contact us to analyze the situation and perhaps recommend a properly sized replacement unit.

High Energy Bills

An undersized heat pump consumes more energy than a correctly sized one because it runs longer. A unit that turns on multiple times also inflates your electric bill, as the compressor uses energy every time it starts.

A wrongly sized heat pump is expensive to maintain and will not keep you comfortable. Call E.C. Waters for professional heating services if you suspect you have an incorrectly sized system. If our team confirms that your heat pump doesn’t match your needs, they will help you select an appropriately sized system by determining your home’s heating load.

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