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In recent years, manufacturers have included innovative technology that makes heating and cooling systems more convenient and efficient than ever. Since the average family pays $1,100 annually for temperature control inside their home, it pays to look for new HVAC systems with these high-tech features.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats remember your preferences and habits. They detect your presence in rooms and adjust the air flow and temperature accordingly. Intuitive full-color displays turn off when you sleep, and password protection ensures that only the master of the house can control the system’s temperature setting.

Changes to the thermostat’s functions can be made from smartphones and computers. Smart thermostats are compatible with other smart devices, like humidifiers and ventilation systems.

Special Motor Features

Blower motors and compressors used to work at just one speed. New systems use variable-speed blowers and two-stage compressors so that output speeds are fully adjustable. Requests from the system trigger the compressors, and they will use either one or two stages of air output to meet demand.

Variable-speed blower motors are run at the command of smart thermostats, enabling rooms that are used most to get most of the energy output. An additional heat exchanger uses by-product heat from an HVAC unit’s exhaust to generate even more energy to power the system, resulting in less energy loss.

High SEER Ratings

Energy Star systems have the highest SEER. The more efficient an HVAC unit is, the higher its rating will be. A score of 14 is good, while ratings of 30 are found almost exclusively in prototype systems. It is possible to find affordable HVAC systems with ratings of up to 20.5. 

Technologically advanced features become more popular every year, and these special features are more affordable today than ever before. Give E.C. Waters a call at (407) 603-9144 and we’ll help you choose the HVAC system that is perfect for your needs.

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