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The fan setting on your Casselberry, Florida, home’s HVAC system is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of the system. It’s crucial to learn how the fan setting works, when and how often you should turn it on to cool your home why you should be careful about running it inappropriately.

HVAC Fan Setting: On vs. Auto

Your HVAC system likely has two fan settings: "on" and "auto." With the auto setting, your fan only runs when the thermostat directs it to. The "on" setting keeps it going all the time, constantly circulating the air in your home.

Hazards of the On Setting

When you run your fan all the time, your utility bills will be higher. The fan can use almost as much power as your refrigerator does and can end up costing you upwards of $600 over the course of the year. It also constantly circulates air through the filter, which means you’ll need to change the filter more often. Finally, it might end up circulating warm air in the summer and cool air in the winter, making for more uneven temperatures.

Advantages of the On Setting

When the fan is on, the air in your house is constantly being cleaned through the filter. While this means your filter gets dirty faster, it also means that your home’s air tends to be a little cleaner. The constantly circulating air can help to keep the home at a more even temperature, so you might not need the air conditioner or furnace as often.

HVAC Fan Setting Strain

There are different schools of thought on whether running the "on" setting is right for the fan. Some feel that it causes wear and tear on the system, resulting in more frequent and costly repairs. Others think that it can extend the life of the fan by reducing the start-stop issues that can cause strain on the motor.

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