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Even though Orlando, Florida, doesn’t have very cold winters, you may find reasons to want to supplement your heating system. There are times when your heating system should be suitable for the weather and your needs, but other times it might be more practical to use another heat source in addition or instead of your traditional furnace or heat pump.

Bonus Rooms

If you’re adding a bonus room above an attic or a similar renovation, then adding ductwork for that room is often costly and perhaps unnecessary. Instead of incorporating an addition to the central HVAC system, you may consider a ductless system. You can turn these systems off and on to control the temperature in just this room instead of making your current HVAC system work harder to heat or cool the added room

Offices and Bedrooms

When the temperatures get a little chillier, you may not want to turn on the heat for the entire home. If you have a home office, consider buying a space heater just for that room since it rarely gets too cold in Orlando. You may want one for your bedroom at night as well instead of heating the entire house. Just make sure you take all the proper precautions when using a space heater. Don’t leave it on when you’re not in the room or place it near something that may be a fire hazard.

Other Considerations

If you want to supplement your heating system because a room is colder than the others, you should try figuring out what’s going on first. If one of your rooms is a different temperature than the rest of your house, the problem could be insulation, duct leaks, or drafts. Instead of treating the symptom of the problem, try to fix the actual problem, and you may find you don’t need to supplement your heating system at all.

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