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Did you know the air inside your Orlando home could be up to five times more polluted than the outside air? That’s an alarming statistic from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all the more reason it’s important to improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

Improve Your IAQ for Better Health

It’s important not to confuse having a clean house for having unpolluted interior air. You can keep your home immaculate and still have polluted air. Every time you cook food, burn candles, use air fresheners, and even use cleaning products, you’re introducing pollutants into the home that affect its IAQ. Unless you live in a bubble, there’s no way to prevent some amount of pollutants from your home.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can to keep your home’s air clean. Removing as many airborne contaminants as possible reduces allergens and helps everyone in the household breathe easier. When the home’s IAQ is suffering, you might notice you or your family members have chronic allergies and respiratory symptoms that worsen. If someone in the household has asthma, they might experience increasing asthma attacks and rely on their inhaler more.

Even if no one in the household has chronic allergies or respiratory conditions, bronchial or sinus conditions might become more of a problem for people living in the home.

Air Purification Reduces Indoor Pollutants

Here’s some good news: You can control your home’s IAQ and breathe cleaner air. Air purification products like the REME Halo air purifier, an in-duct air purification system, can reduce bacteria and viruses inside the home and keep your home’s air fresher and safer to breathe.

At E.C. Waters, we help our customers find the right indoor air cleaning solutions for their budget and overall IAQ goals. Call us today to learn more about our IAQ solutions!

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