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Your thermostat has a job to keep your Lake Mary, FL home comfortable by controlling its HVAC system. However, it can be a bit perplexing when it indicates that it’s in something called recovery mode. Here’s an explanation of what recovery mode is and why your thermostat may enter it from time to time.

What Is Recovery Mode, Anyway?

Recovery mode on a thermostat is a relatively new feature many people aren’t aware of. Put simply, it means your thermostat has come out of an energy-saving mode and turned your HVAC system on. It’s telling you that the system is working on getting your home back to the temperature you’ve set.

What Leads to Recovery Mode?

Most of the time, recovery mode happens because you’ve programmed your thermostat to reach a preset temperature. Older thermostats would simply turn on at the programmed time and run until reaching your desired temperature. Newer ones use recovery mode, which activates them early so they can reach the right temperature on time.

There are two major advantages of recovery mode, versus the old style of thermostat operation. The first is that your home will reach your desired temperature on time instead of always playing catch-up. The second is that gradually heating or cooling your home is far more energy efficient, so you’ll save money, too.

Is Recovery Mode Ever a Bad Thing?

Although it doesn’t happen often, your thermostat can go into recovery mode because it’s having a problem. For example, if its program gets reset, it may enter recovery mode unexpectedly. Or, if your HVAC malfunctions, your thermostat may enter recovery mode because it’s having trouble maintaining your desired temperature.

The bottom line is that recovery mode on a thermostat is quite normal under most circumstances. However, if you’re seeing it when you don’t expect it, it never hurts to have your HVAC system checked out. For that, contact E.C. Waters to schedule an AC repair visit for your Lake Mary, FL home today!

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