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Your Longwood, FL thermostat’s fan setting helps to push hot or cold air throughout your house. The fan’s auto setting allows it to run until it reaches the temperature you set, but the “on” setting allows it to run all the time. When should you use your fan on auto setting?

Use Auto Setting for Energy Efficiency

One reason to keep your fan on auto mode is that it’s simply more energy efficient than letting it continually run. On auto mode, the fan only runs when your HVAC system is actively heating or cooling your house.

The Auto Setting Controls Humidity

Keeping the fan on auto mode also helps keep the humidity level in your home comfortable. This is especially important during the summer or those warmer-than-usual fall days when you need to use your air conditioner. A fan that runs all the time can prevent condensate from your air conditioning from draining to the outside which raises humidity levels in your home.

Auto Setting Saves Your Furnace Filters

You won’t need to clean or replace your furnaauce filters as much if you let the fan rest now and again. A fan that’s continually on blows dirty air through the filters, which eventually clog up. If they’re not cleaned regularly, dirty filters can stress your furnace and shorten its working life.

Use Auto Setting to Save Money

This setting is both energy efficient and gentler on your furnace and its filters. Because of this, it’s more likely to save you money in the short and long run.

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