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The typically sweltering summer in Maitland, FL demands a heat pump that can effectively cool your home, so one that stubbornly doesn’t get the job done can be a source of endless exasperation. Fortunately, understanding why this problem occurs can open the door to solving it. Here are a few reasons why your heat pump may generate hot air when you’ve set it to cooling mode.

Broken Reversing Valve

The purpose of the reversing valve is to switch the direction in which refrigerant moves through your heat pump, thus changing its operations between heating and cooling. So, if the system begins sending out heat, your technician will turn a suspicious eye toward the reversing valve.

Debris might be obstructing the mechanism in the valve that enables it to switch positions. Alternatively, there might be some kind of mechanical fault that caused the valve to break completely. In either case, it’s time to invite an HVAC technician over to examine the valve, clean it, perform maintenance or replace it entirely.

Thermostat Issues

Another possibility you shouldn’t ignore is that the true origin of your trouble is not your heat pump but the thermostat that controls it. The possible difficulties here run the gamut from something as simple as improper settings or dead batteries to mechanical failures and frayed electrical wires. You may well be able to tackle the former two issues on your own but rely only on professionals for solutions to the other two problems.

Leaky Ductwork

Another explanation for your heat pump’s mysteriously inadequate performance may be leaking ductwork sapping the system’s efficiency. The system may well be in cooling mode, generating cold air as required, but you may not feel it because a substantial portion of it leaks out of the ductwork into your attic space. Professionals will need to examine your ducts, clean them thoroughly and seal any holes in them.

The list above is not complete, but it should give you an idea of what to watch out for. For help from the best HVAC contractors near Maitland, FL, call E.C. Waters.

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