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The REME HALO is an indoor air purifier that uses RGF’s proprietary Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology in your existing air conditioning system. It helps reduce air pollutants such as viruses, germs, bacteria and microbes. This air purifier is safe and reliable while improving your home’s indoor air quality in Lake Mary, FL.

1. Kills Bacteria and Viruses

The REME HALO kills up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and microbes. The design is to reduce airborne particulates such as pollen, dust, microbes and dander. Doing this offers protection to your family from pollutants that could make them potentially sick.

2. Reduces Sneeze Germs

Sneeze germs can reach up to 20 feet from the source. Getting the REME HALO installed in your home kills the sneeze germs three feet from the person sneezing. It uses ionization technology where electrically charged atoms attract the viruses.

3. It’s Cost-Effective

Studies show that the REME HALO can go a long time without frequent extensive maintenance. It’s unlike other modern air purification systems that require frequent replacement or maintenance. You save money on your monthly energy costs.

4. Operates Silently and Efficiently

REME HALO is more convenient than other purifiers because it operates silently and efficiently. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space and works well with your HVAC system, whether it’s shut down or still running.

5. Whole House Coverage

You don’t need to have air-purifying devices in each room in your house. The system covers the entire building. The technology employs dual ionizers to produce invisible zinc ions that settle on surfaces around your home to kill viruses and bacteria.

To get a REME HALO for your home, contact E.C. Waters in Lake Mary, FL, and visit our website for more details on maintenance and services. When you partner with E.C. Waters, we’ll treat you like family.

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