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The circuit breaker trips when one of the appliances in your Orlando, FL home draws more current than usual. One of the appliances capable of tripping the circuit breaker is your heat pump. If your heat pump consistently trips the breaker, you’re probably dealing with one of these issues.

A Faulty Compressor

A compressor alters the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure to facilitate the heat transfer process. Like any heat pump component, the compressor may develop problems and become inefficient. The faulty compressor starts drawing more electric current when it’s starting, tripping the circuit breaker.

Wiring Issues

The insulation on your heat pump’s wire may become worn out, thus exposing the wires. The naked wires cause a short circuit when they touch each other. The circuit breaker trips as a way of cutting the power in order to prevent a fire.

Don’t attempt to repair wiring issues by yourself, as you will be putting yourself in harm’s way. Instead, let one of our professional technicians handle your heat pump’s wiring issues.

A Clogged Air Filter

An air filter traps contaminants in the indoor air, thus protecting your home’s occupants from the irritating symptoms that arise from poor indoor air quality. The filter becomes clogged with time, preventing the air in your living space from getting into the system.

When the heat pump must work harder to push air throughout your home, it’s more likely that the system will trip the breaker due to an increase in required electricity. A clean air filter doesn’t only protect your IAQ, but it also reduces the likelihood of a tripped breaker.

Our team can diagnose the issue of your tripped breaker and repair it. Instead of resetting the circuit breaker every time it trips, seek professional help to resolve the issue. Contact E.C. Waters immediately for outstanding heating services.

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