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Winter is almost here, and you are already having performance issues with your heating system. Fortunately, Orlando homeowners rely more on air conditioners than heaters. We cannot ignore the winter in Central Florida, though, because the weather does get chilly. When the thermometer dips below freezing, a reliable heater provides comforting warmth. Here are how to determine whether you need to fix your heating system or replace it:

How Old Is Your Heater?

Is your heat pump or furnace pushing fifteen years old? Performance issues in older systems are never a good sign. Don’t waste your time and money investing in repair work that may or may not keep your heater up and running. It is best just to replace it.

How Efficient Is Your Heater?

There is no point in repairing an old heater that is no longer energy efficient. Given the technological advances over the last fifteen years, a heater replacement is guaranteed to be more efficient than heater repair. Efficiencies are based off a SEER rating. Fifteen-year-old heat pumps have efficiencies of 10 or less. Today, efficiencies start at 13 and go up from there. Furnaces as of fifteen years ago had efficiencies of about 78 percent; today’s models are as high as 98 percent. The bottom line is replacing your heat pump will save you money in the long haul.

How Reliable Is Your Heater?

Has your system required major repairs over the last five years? If so, the potential for escalating repair costs is high, and the unit could call it quits at any time. Not to say your heater will die on you when you have a houseful of guests, but living with the possibility eliminates your peace of mind.

To learn about credits, rebates, and discounts available for Orlando homeowners installing high-efficiency heat pumps or furnaces, visit E.C. Waters Air Conditioning & Heat or call (407) 603-9144.

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